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Toys design

A workshop of realization of children’s games/activities with an open and collaborative dynamic to foster children’s creative abilities. Design students participated together with people who had never been involved in any design practice.


Toys design lab
Partners: Densa Coop. Soc. Doc. Alessandra Dimatteo and Ilaria Inserti


Materials: paper, PLA, fabric, etc.

Techniques: digital printing, 3d printing, sewing, etc.


Above and below: some shots of the presentations of the first project steps by workshop participants.

The project involved the collaboration of Densa Cop. Soc. while participants were supported by Trama’s team along with psychologists Alessandra Dimatteo and Ilaria Inserti, who curated an insight into the role of play in children’s growth. Materials such as paper, cardboard, 3d printing, fabric, and other were used to create the games by combining digital design with handcrafting techniques. Attendees were able to follow the entire process from concept to technical execution of each artifact. 

The workshop, held inside a public housing complex located on the edge of a suburban area of Perugia, concluded with a final event open to kids living in the neighborhood who could use and have fun with the designed objects, also giving the designers a chance to get direct feedback on the usability of their work.


Photos show some of the toys produced during the workshop. Above: activity on visual perception on the subject of endangered animals. Next: memory themed on emotions and feelings. Below: plastic cleanup of the sea and marine habitat protection game.

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