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wdfwWe aim to connect different cultures, professionals, and realities in order to carry on multidisciplinary projects, following them from the idea to the realization. We create a bridge between research and production that passes through design and education able to lead us to innovation.

What's Trama

Trama is a multidisciplinary platform for the development of collaborative projects. It is not a company, but an independent channel through which it is possible to create connections between different creative actors.

Our Values

In Trama we share a set of values that are reflected in our material and immaterial production. 



We believe that the comparison with other people, cultures, situations is essential to the creative process. For this reason this project was born as a network of people, activities and products. This approach is reflected in every action undertaken.



The trends of the moment usually flatten the design landscape by drawing common lines that become light motives, from which only a few are able to differentiate themselves. Our projects start from the research of different references, that may be distant or forgotten. We do not draw from the most popular formal choices, but through our actions we tell other stories, stories of a territory, of craftsmanship, of our and other cultures, of people's relationship with objects. What we produce has a different symbolic charge and design becomes the medium of new messages.


What we do

Design research - Product & Graphic design - Workshops and events.


Ethics of production

In an overloaded reality, design has the duty to create functional objects, but also to produce value. Every new object must have a valid reason to exist, which is not simply to perform a task in the best way but also to bring innovation, not only technological but also meaningful. Objects are containers of meaning, they are the result of the knowledge of designer and manufacturer, a knowledge that they are able to silently tell.


Essentiality and synthesis

To add value does not mean adding complexity. The role of design is to find the simplest solution to a need, to compress a series of concepts and functions in an understandable form. From this synthesis process also filters the formal beauty of simplicity.


This is not made in Italy

Trama was born in Italy from people who live in Italy and who have also treasured the history of Italian design and craftsmanship. However, we do not want to dig behind the tradition of our country, but rather to seek comparison and contamination with the rest of the world while opening up to old and new technologies.

Sustainability is not an added value

Sustainability is something to be considered a matter of course. A project cannot exist if it is not conceived to have the least possible impact on the environment.


Through a collaborative process, we define a common methodology, as a base for the development of new shared projects.

Two Models
01 method.png

01. Defining the field of intervention

The theme to start (a concept, an object typology, a cultural aspect, a territory, a craft technique, a material, a natural resource, ...)

Two Models
02 method_1.png

02. Multidisciplinary research

Propaedeutic step to the design that aims to consider

anthropological and ethnographic aspects, historical research, knowledge of technical and productive aspects of the field of analysis.

Two Models
03 method_1.png

03. Know and work in the field

contact with experts, artisans, designers, scholars.

work and dialogue with universities, research bodies, welfare associations.


setting up of participatory processes and exchange of knowledge between different professionals in a perspective as variegated as possible.

Two Models
04 method_1.png

04. Defining the design brief

Starting from the results of the research, elaborate a new concept, developed by following values and intentions of Trama and with the aim of bringing innovation.

Two Models
05 method_1.png

05. Design and prototyping

A phase carried out in close cooperation with production.

Overcoming the division between the designer, involved in the definition of the project, and the producer, final executor of the product.


The goal is to promote a symbiotic approach between design and production, in which one sphere takes inspiration from the other and vice versa.

Two Models
06 method_1.png

06. Production

The manufacturing of each artifact is carried out following a strict production ethic along with the highest standards of environmental sustainability.

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