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Ceramics + digital fabrication

Ceramics + digital fabrication
Partners: Cerrini Ceramiche


Materials: ceramics, PLA, plaster.

Techniques: in-mold production, 3d printing, 3D modeling.​

Above: Mr. Cerrini creates new pottery at the potter's wheel.

The project involves replacing part of the manual work with digital modeling and photographic relief to then produce master molds by 3d printing and/or through the use of a CNC milling machine. The advantages introduced by this method are: the rapidity of design, development of new shapes, and error resolution; the reduction in volume, weight and amount of used materials; the increase of strength and wear resistance.

The Cerrini pottery factory produces ceramics using press molds of different sizes. Molds are installed on the press machine through iron hoops that ensure stability and alignment of the two parts. 

Trama is partnering with a company of the Deruta ceramic district to make master molds, combining artisanal techniques and innovative processes.


Above: photographic relief of the iron hoops. On the side: the hoops positioned over the 3d printed matrix ready for casting the plaster mold. 

The master molds are usually fabricated in plaster. We started by relief of the iron hoops and then developed 3d print matrix that could ensure the same alignment and precision as traditional plaster ones. Then it was possible to test on the press the molds created by the new matrix. The project is still ongoing and involves adapting the same process from 3d printing to the CNC milling machine.


Above: the pottery plates created by the mold. Beside: the two parts of the mold installed on the pressing machine. 

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