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candéla s. f. [lat. candēla, der. di candēre «esser bianco, splendere»]. – 1. Cilindro di cera, stearina, sego, paraffina, o miscela di tali sostanze, contenente all’interno un lucignolo di fibra vegetale che, acceso, dà fiamma e quindi luce.

Kandela is a  line of modular beeswax candles made from sustainable sources and whitened without chemicals. Kandela comes from a study on the original typology of the common candle and works on the symbolism given by the number of burning flames. The object questions the classic relationship between candle and candle holder through a new form and encourages a different relationship with the person by introducing the concept of modularity of the elements.


The candle is a very old and widespread object that has survived various technological evolutions, changing over the years some of its meanings and uses. We started from the typology of the object, noting how over time there has been a lot of projects on the candle holder and much less on the candle itself.


design & production

Francesca Pucciarini / Manuela Pucciarini

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The shapes of the Kandela line are generated using two repeated geometric elements: the curve (in two positions) and the vertical line. Despite the high height, the candles are self-supporting and do not require a candle holder. Playing with the number of flames and with the composition of the various models it is possible to create visually different structures. The sculptural aspect is given by the reference, through shape and texture, to the architectural elements of the arch and the column, implicit and general reference to the major places of occidental collective ceremonies.


The production is entirely handmade. The yellow wax is not treated and white wax is bleached with physical processes (without chemicals). The pigments are non-toxic certified, the wicks are produced in Italy in natural fiber. The sustainability of materials is combine with a recycled paper packaging. Beeswax is a valid alternative to petroleum derivatives and to the intensive cultivation of soy and colza. Using beeswax also allows us to encourage the work of beekeepers who do their part to protect bees from extinction.

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