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  • This two-flame candle is part of Trama's Kandela collection.


    Inside the Kandela H package:

    • a single, handcrafted beeswax candle;
    • product information leaflet.


    H candle is made entirely from sustainable materials, such as beeswax from certified sources, natural fiber wicks and non-toxic pigments.


    These candle is designed to be use whether alone or in creative combinations. Kandela H can be combined in tandem with Kandela U or Kandela 2U. The sculptural shape of this candle is given by the reference to the architectural elements of the arch and the column, that recall major places of occidental collective ceremonies.


    Dimensions: height 25.5 cm, width 14 cm


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    Francesca & Manuela Pucciarini



    • Material and production

      The candles are entirely handmade. Any imperfection or difference in appearance and color between one product and another should be considered the result of craftsmanship. Beeswax color is liable to change both at the origin and with the passing of time. A slight white patina can appear on the beeswax surface, which can be removed by wiping a cloth over the unlit candle.

    • Shipping

      Shipping costs Italy 10 Euro
      Austria - Belgium - Bulgaria - Croatia - Denmark - Estonia - Finland - France - Germany - Greece - Ireland - Latvia - Lithuania - Luxembourg - Netherlands - Poland - Portugal - Czech Republic - Romania - Slovakia - Slovenia - Spain - Sweden - Hungary  15 Euro

      For shipments to other EU and non-EU countries, please write to

      Terms and Condition of Sale
      Shipping and Returns info

    • Burning Instructions

      Burning time: Approximate 10/12 hours.
      Trim wick to 5 mm before lighting. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Keep candle free of any foreign materials including matches and wick trimmings. Only burn the candle on a level, fire resistant surface. Keep out of reach of children, pets and away from flammable materials.Allow to cool before re-lighting. Do not burn the candle for more than 4 hours at a time. It is advisable to burn all the flames together. The candle drips while burning.

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